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Children's jackets

Unlike a jumpsuit, a children’s jacket is a universal outfit. A fleece windbreaker can be thrown over a T–shirt in May or worn over a sweater in March – and in both cases the child will be comfortable. A jacket with a lining from autumn is easy to turn into winter and vice versa. These points should be taken into account if you want to save money and reduce costs to a minimum.

For cool weather
In harsh regions, the cold comes already at the end of August, in the rest, a warm jacket by mid-September should also be in any case. The lightest, but at the same time quite comfortable option is denim lined with fleece. Fleece or synthetic wool is an excellent insulation, lightweight and soft, it absorbs moisture from the body well and dries quickly. Natural denim fabric is distinguished by a high degree of wear resistance, good-quality models look stylish, so kids love them.
Are you ready for frosts
Mid–October is the time to put on something warmer. A wide range of winter jackets is on sale – voluminous and thin, long and short, on wool, sintepon, holofiber, with and without hoods. Membranes – waterproof, windproof, super-light – have been in high demand in recent years. At the same time, the membrane removes moisture well and does not allow you to sweat. Also, in winter, down jackets with a feather or down will be most welcome.

General recommendations
To make the right choice:

Read the label. Perhaps the item requires delicate care and dry cleaning.
Buy natural materials, the child practically does not sweat in them.
Fasteners should be comfortable and reliable, preferably the presence of external and internal wings.

Summer clothes for boys

With summer dresses for girls, everything is simple: there are a lot of them on sale, beautiful, made of natural and synthetic fabrics, different styles. There is also no need to complain about the variety of models, there are options for every taste. But what should parents of boys do, who, alas, cannot count on such a luxurious assortment of outfits? Look for options and be sure to make a clear list of what you plan to buy in advance. After all, if you do not know what exactly you need and in what quantity, the risks of acquiring excess increase significantly.
For the youngest
Body is the most convenient option of summer clothes for babies aged from birth to six months. T-shirts and shorts also have a right to exist, but we assure you that body suits are much more convenient to use. They do not bully, they allow you to quickly change diapers (there are buttons between the legs for this purpose).

When it gets cold, you can wear flannel or fleece slips instead of a bodysuit – these are solid “men” on buttons with long sleeves and sliders. Another option for cool weather is a sweatshirt and jeans or sports pants.

We recommend buying hats with ties, because young children like to take them off and constantly lose them. For cool weather, take a model with closed ears, a thin cap with a visor is suitable for warm weather.

Sports children's clothing

All children are very active, so your desire to buy a tracksuit for your child is fully justified. In addition, a tracksuit is simply necessary in kindergarten and school.

When choosing sportswear for a child, pay attention to the quality of the material, because it depends on whether your child is comfortable or not.

The quality of the material for sportswear depends on criteria such as breathability and vapor permeability.

The vapor permeability of the fabric ensures the timely removal of excess moisture, and air permeability characterizes the ability of the material to pass air. These processes are very important for maintaining the microclimate of the underclothing layer of sportswear.

If you decide to buy knitted sportswear, then make sure that the material is natural. If there is a large percentage of synthetic fibers in the fabric, will it have a good throughput? The same can be said about inelastic tissues. The cut of sportswear should be loose enough not to constrain the movements of the child.

If your child is engaged in winter sports, then special attention should be paid to clothes here. And especially the throughput of the materials from which it is made. It is important that the child does not overheat and does not sweat, so do not try to wrap him up warmer. After all, if your child is actively moving, then he is warm!

Make sure that the upper sportswear has protective rubber bands on the sleeves and pants. This will prevent snow and dirt from getting inside.